Crisis Communications Book

A Crisis Management Process that Fits Your Culture

You’ll find lots of material on crisis communications, but this book is different. It’s an actual plan. This concise book gives you the complete content for the crisis communications plan you can customize to your own operating culture, taking into account all the unique ways your organization gathers and processes information, sets priorities and makes decisions.

This approach is real-world tested and proven. It’s modeled on how veteran crisis communicators jump into the most intense situations and mitigate crises. This book will give you everything you need to integrate crisis communications preparedness into your organizational culture long before a crisis occurs.

Agile, Adaptable, “Ready to Install” Out of the Box

The Essential Crisis Communications Plan: A Crisis Management Process that Fits Your Culture by Tim O’Brien includes worksheets, crisis management models, samples and examples of what you need to establish your own crisis communications system to prevent small situations from getting bigger, and to effectively manage the biggest crises you could face.

Crisis communications veteran Tim O’Brien has condensed everything he’s honed over decades in crisis management and presents it to you in a compact handbook that will get you through some of your most trying times. It will help you:

  • Put everything into place so that when a crisis hits, your organization will be ready in 60 minutes or less;

  • Efficiently gather and analyze all the information you need to develop powerful key messages;

  • Prep your senior management team for the worst of the worst;

  • Adapt the fundamental crisis communications principles in this book to any and every communications platform, technology, tactic and media channel;

  • Leverage non-crisis periods to get ahead of the next crisis your organization could face;

  • Easily integrate a crisis management mindset into your organization’s culture to ensure maximum crisis preparedness.

The Essential Crisis Communications Plan is written in a simple, conversational style that gets to the heart of crisis communications and crisis management. Discover why a crisis communications plan doesn’t have to be long and cumbersome while still guiding an organization through major disruption. With this book, you can have your customized, working crisis communications plan ready in days, along with the peace of mind that comes with having that plan in place.